NWI Healthy Living

Launching in Early 2023!

We are excited to share that our company is launching a project that will bring together our passions for:

  • Healthy living
  • Community service and education
  • Supporting local small business

Our vision is a multi-dimensional platform called Northwest Indiana Healthy Living. On this platform, we intend to reach out to a wide local audience to share education, events, resources and more. Our goal is to collaborate with local businesses to promote a more healthy and sustainable community and economy.

Objectives of the platform:

  • Invest in community health and wellness through education and promotion of the healthy living resources available right here in our community. 

  • Support and promote local small businesses that are contributing to a healthier, more sustainable future for NWI.

  • Give back to the community directly through donations from contributing members. We've selected the NWI Food Council, supporting local farmers and local food, as our charter beneficiary.